Luxury Realtor in Orange County

Aaron Valenty, a luxury Realtor in Orange County, California, approached me to create a website for his recent marketing campaign for a neighbor in Orange County for Crystal Cove.

He wanted something that not only looked great, but also helped him get leads that were looking to sell or buy their home.

A Lean, Mean, Lead Generating Machine

After some discovery about his project, we determined that we should offer something of value to his visitors, in this case, we put up a “Whats My Home Worth?” Area dead center in front of the website to make sure we’re maximizing conversions.

Aaron Valenty Website
A clear CTA that easyily gets visitors to convert

Real-Time Listing Updates

Being a realtor, Aaron also had to work with real estate listings using his MLS system. To save him time, I used IDXbroker to reflect his listings on his site without him having to update anything himself.

Easy to Use Admin Panel

While Aaron is pretty tech-savvy, dealing with code is not something he wanted to do, nor did he want to bug me for every tiny update. For this reason, I used the design I made to create custom Wordpress theme where Aaron could easily login himself and make any changes he needed.

The Process

This project involved a lot of planning upfront, sketching things out, designing them, and coding them up, and finally, testing everything to make sure it worked on everything form the latest iMac to a slow android from 2009.


web design wireframes
wireframes I created for

Style Guide

Creating a style guide allowed me to explore ideas on fonts colors, and different components of the future site. This allowed helped me incorporate colors from the real estate brokerage Aaron worked with.

web design wireframes
wireframes I created for


I started by creating a local static front-end of the site using HMTL,CSS, and jQuery. Then, I used that front-end to create a custom Wordpress theme using best development practices to make sure the code was organized and clean. This resulted in two things: being able to go into it in the future and easily make changes, and the site would load fast, which is great for SEO.

The End Result

In the end, I was able to design a custom Wordpress theme that not only showcased what Aaron's listings, but acted as a lead-generating machine. Within a couple of weeks of launching, Aaron had already received a lead for a multi-million dollar listing!