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Done-For-You Website Hosting for Creatix Customers

Hosting for Only $15/month

Offered specifically for clients we've worked with, we provide Done-For-You website hosting at a flat rate of $15 per month and we're planning on keeping it that way.

We charge such a cheap rate so we can make the services we offer much easier to manage.

In-House Management

Rather than have to go to a third party to access your files, we can access it in-house and eliminate any communication barriers. You can expect the same level of service that you've received with our web design projects.

Email Hosting Included

The days of yourcompany@gmail.com are over! This hosting package gives you email accounts for up to 5 users, giving you the professionalism you deserve!

If you wanted want to continue using your favorite email client (gmail, outlook, etc.) no worries, we'll help you with email forwarding at just starting at just a one-time fee of $15 per email account!

Guaranteed Reliability

With our suppliers that guarantee 99% server uptime, you can make sure that your websites will be viewable for everyone at any time.

Techy Specs

Get Hosting at only $15/month!

Your choice of Monthly or Yearly payments


For more users, e-commerce, or larger scale websites,
check out our Premium Hosting.